Intelligent Systems and Business Informatics


Team members

The research group "Intelligent Systems and Business Informatics"

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to further the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying intelligent behaviour and their embodiment in machines as well as their potential to benefit our society. We believe, that incorporating knowledge in software systems will be the key to tackling many problems, which are currently assumed to be unsolvable by machines. Our current research activities focus on the advancement of knowledge-based systems with particular emphasis on applications in Production, Operations and Management.

Our Key research areas include

  • Knowledge acquisition and representation
  • Model-based diagnosis
  • Knowledge-based recommender systems
  • Consumer buying behaviour and decision support
  • Mission planning
  • Mass-customization
  • Semantic Web: Semantics-based knowledge management and information extraction, diagnosis and repair of web services

We are committed not only to scientific excellence and sharing our enthusiasm with our students but also to applying our results in real-world environments, thus generating tangible value for our partners.